Searching For An End

“Searching for an End,” focuses on the concept of “process,” and how the process relates to our life cycles.

Whether it be through complex or simple behaviors (birth & death, relationships, drinking, eating, sex or even a shave in the morning), we are defined by cyclical procedures and progression. SFAE connects life and the principles behind the “golden mean.”

My intention was to focus on the concept of the dream and the surreal sensibilities behind what we envision. The moment when reality and the dream state integrate. Sometimes the line is blurred, and when we awake, we sometimes question the line of absoluteness. A search for an ending.

In the film, the subject appears lost and confused. He begins disoriented, puzzled, and later gains the understanding that he has been here before, only to realize that he is caught, immersed in a cycle that continually replays itself.
TRT 6 minutes
HD video
Directed, Created and Photgraphed by Jason Oldak
assistants: Eli Berg, Robby Hart, Alex Gabel & Kirsten Macy
Purchased by Nomad Films and the Tribeca Institute