Starring Justin Wilczynski, Heather McComb & Blake Gibbons
Written and Directed by Danny Buday
Produced by Madelon Smith
Cinematography: Jason Oldak
Editor: Stacy Sexton
Production Design: Alys Thompson
Costumes: Meghan Wincor
Camera Op: Jayson Crothers
1st Assistant: Melvina Rapozza
Gaffer: Brian Burgoyne
Filmed at the Avalaon & Spider Club, Hollywood, CA
Photographed on a Moviecam Compact & Arri 435 camera system
With Cooke S4 lenses from Clairmont Camera, Kodak 35mm 1:85:1
Showcased at the Camerimage Film Festival, 2005, Lodz, Poland
Nominee for ASC Student Heritage Award from The AFI conservatory