A compilation of my favorite cinematography moments from the season.  Find the whole season on HULU network.

Season four picks up several years in the future, with Alex (Tommy Dewey) and Rae (Maya Erskine) raising a child, Laura (Tara Lynne Barr) returning from her time abroad with a new job and serious girlfriend, and Valerie (Watkins) about to make a big life change of her own. Natasha Hatendi and Julie Berman also star.

HULU presents CASUAL: Season 4
Produced by Lionsgate & Right of Way productions
Casual Productions

Produced by Lionsgate and Right of Way, the Golden Globe-nominated Casual is created by Zander Lehmann and executive produced by Jason Reitman, Zander Lehmann, & Helen Estabrook.

Starring Tommy Dewey, Michaela Watkins & Tara Lynn Barr
Directors: Gillian Robespierre (ep 1-2), Hannah Fidell (ep 3-4), Zander Lehmann (ep 5), Helen Estabrook (ep 6), Michael Weaver(ep 7-8)
Executive Producers: Zander Lehman, Helen Estabrook, Cara DiPaolo & Kent Zbornak
Writers: Zander Lehman (creator), Cara DiPaolo, Harris Danow, Rosa Handelman, Tess Morris, & Nick Jones Jr.
Post Production Supervisor/ Producer: Briton W. Erwin
Cinematographer: Jason Oldak
Editors: Omar Hassan-Reep, Adam Burr
Production Designer: Greg J. Grande
Costume Designer: Mary-Kate Killilea
1st Assistant Directors: Rusty Mahmood, Emily Hogan
Gaffer: Armando Ballesteros
Rigging Gaffer: Kieran Illes
Key Grip: Gary Lynn Dagg
Camera Operators: Brian Outland (A cam) & Demian Scott Vaughs (B cam)
1st Assistant Camera: John Ruiz (A cam) & Evan Wilhelm (B cam)
2nd Assistant Camera: Brian Freeman (A cam) & Mariela Ferrer (B cam)
Data Wrangler: Teddy Phu Thanh Danh
Camera Utility: Nathan Saks
Senior Colorist: Scott Gregory (STUDIO POST)

Camera Support: Keslow Camera
G&E Support: AC/DC

Photographed on the Arri Alexa Mini system with Arri/ Zeiss Master Primes
Shot in the Los Angeles Area

Show Premiere JULY 31, on Hulu Network