After competing in four Olympic Games and coming home empty-handed, Casey Puckett battles age, injury, and long odds to chase a gold medal in the Olympics’ most dangerous new sport — Skier Cross. As a 36 year-old father, he risks it all for a final shot to realize his lifelong dream — to win an Olympic medal.

Appointment in Vancouver documents Casey Puckett’s life as a world-class athlete, father of two, and hometown hero. The film includes never before seen ski footage, star interviews and candid confessionals from the Gold-Medal favorite.
Starring Casey Puckett
Director: Anna Christopher
Producer: Seth Caplan
Cinematography: Jason Oldak
Editor: Cindy Thoennessen
Composer: Pieter A. Schlosser
DI: In a Place Post
Colorist: Moritz Fortman
TRT 33 minutesĀ 1:85:1 color