A Portrait in Degrees of Motion

An homage to Andy Warhol’s “Screen Test Series,” this video is a close focus examination behind the “Portrait.” Traditional portrait aesthetics are reexamined, as the
subject is approached through motion.

The cinematic applications are slowed down dramatically, and the viewer initially stares at what appears to be a still image, similar to Warhol’s Screen Tests. After extended periods of time, Warhol’s subjects moved ever so slightly. This process of viewing removes the audience from the normal cinematic approach to watching an actor at 24 frames per second. Our initial expectation is movement. However, the audience becomes intensely involved, watching the minutiae of the subject, then searching for the slightest change.

Like Warhol’s Screen Tests, I want the audience to sit with these portraits, and come away with a sense of fascination and some discomfort – perhaps revealing a bit of the voyeur in us all.
Directed, Created and Photgraphed by Jason Oldak
assistants: Eli Berg, Robby Hart, Alex Gabel & Kirsten Macy