Born on the California coastline and raised on the streets of NYC, Los Angeles based cinematographer, Jason Oldak, began his career as a fine artist in the New York Art World graduating from the prestigious COOPER UNION for the advancement of Science and Art holding a BFA. A continual fascination with the cinema and cinematography later earned him an MFA degree in Cinematography from the American Film Institute Conservatory. Jason is an award winning filmmaker whose work has been showcased in some of the finest film festivals throughout the world including The Cannes Film Festival and Camerimage Film Festival, Poland. He has collaborated and helped lens a plethora of projects including large and small scale feature films, numerous union commercials, television shows, and documentary films. His work has been featured on most major media outlets including HULU, REDBULLTV, COMEDY CENTRAL, PBS, NETFLIX, REFINERY29, DISNEY, NBC, FOX, E!, MTV, VH1, BIOGRAPHY, FUELTV, TRAVEL CHANNEL,  and The CARTOON NETWORK.

Jason recently wrapped production on the third season of the Golden Globe nominated HULU and LIONSGATE show, CASUAL working alongside directors such as Jason Reitman, Lake Bell, Lynn Shelton, Gillian Robespierre and Carrie Brownstein.  Over the past year, Jason traveled the globe for RedbullTV, documenting and photographing a show entitled SOCIAL FABRIC.  Intimate and cultural stories about men’s fashion and their origins.

Jason has two feature films that were released this year.  One for LMN network and one for Gravitas Ventures, entitled  BATTLE SCARS, opening theatrically and on VOD summer 2017.  Additionally, Jason was the main camera operator for the oscar nominated movie 20th Century Women for director Mike Mills. Jason’s documentary work has been accepted into the SUNDANCE PRODUCING LAB, was a recipient of the ITVS Public Broadcasting Grant for his cinematography on the documentary BROKEN HEARTLAND, and was an AFI nominee for the ASC Jordan Cronenweth Student Heritage Cinematography Award.

The entire filmmaking process is collaborative, creative, and extremely fulfilling on so many levels.  Jason enjoy’s more than anything, working alongside passionate artists to help visualize their script in a daring and impactful way.  Always thinking out of the box and off the cuff.